May 18-22, 2015: Stress Less, Laugh More Week at Longfellow Middle School

With end-of-the-year tests fast approaching, Longfellow Middle School put on a fun and active Stress Less, Laugh More Week! Every day had its own theme and unique activity to help the students prepare for the stress of school and tests in a healthy way:

Monday – “Happy Chalk”

Students had the opportunity to draw on the sidewalks outside of the cafeteria during their lunch period.

Tuesday – “Happy Clips”

Students will be able to watch funny clips during their lunch period.

Wednesday – “Lights Down”

All staff turned down the lights in their classrooms throughout the day, as this often reduces the amount of tension in the body. Additionally, a “spa lounge” was provided in both teacher lounges. Members of the chorus performed during all the lunch periods.

Thursday – “Happy Feet”

Students and staff were invited to participate in line dancing during all lunch periods.

Friday – “Happy Treats”

Students received a special treat during their lunch period.

According to Jill Tucker, the Director of Student Services at Longfellow, the “Happy Feet” day was one of the most successful, with “half the kids were up and dancing during lunch”!