Yoga Initiatives for the 2014-15 School Year

One of JAF’s initiatives is to sponsor programs that will give teens the tools they can use to help themselves. One such tool is yoga, which has been shown to provide benefits such as relieving stress, decreasing feelings of anger, and helping to find optimism amidst negative emotions. Studies have shown that even small introductions of yoga into a school day have proven to have positive effects on a student’s mood and disposition.

At this time, we are sponsoring yoga in these schools:

  • Weekly yoga at Cedar Lane School
  • Monthly yoga at Langley High School
  • Weekly yoga at McLean High School
  • Weekly yoga at Mountain View High School
  • Yoga during Wellness Week at Annandale High School and TJHSST

Our in-school yoga classes teach students how to be aware of what they are thinking and feeling. It gives them a way to reduce their own stress and release anger or fear in positive ways. One school saw a significant drop in behavioral issues after implementing our yoga program.






Here is a quote from one of the yoga teachers:

Many of the teens have mentioned how yoga has become important to them that it is the only time they feel they can let go and relax. One young gentleman that was hesitant because he felt yoga was a girlie thing stated that he is now a convert and a true believer. He feels that yoga was life changing for him because he never in all his years felt the ability to feel at peace and relax. Another gentleman let me know that he is now using the breathing techniques that we discussed at night and as a result can finally sleep at night. A young lady that is expecting and doesn’t speak English well at all smiles during the class and let me know that it is helpful for her. The class size stays steady and each week you can see and sense the willingness of most of the students. It is a pleasure and honor to be able to teach them.