April 21 – 25, 2014: Wellness Week at Cedar Lane School

The first annual Wellness Week at Cedar Lane School in Vienna, VA was a success with staff and kids! JAF supported the program by providing Laugh More buttons, 1-in-4 buttons, Benefits of Laughter postcards, Get Help postcards and Laugh More stickers.


Daily themes and activities:

  • Laugh More Monday: What Makes You Laugh? Share jokes; Laugh More buttons
  • Positive Thinking Tuesday: Affirmations of self and others; school thumbs up erasers
  • Stress Less Wednesday: “ABC’s of Mindfulness” presentation; Stress Less rulers
  • Thankful Thursday: Post what you are thankful for; Smiley Face erasers
  • Fitness Friday for Healthy Brains: healthy snacks; exercise sessions; brain erasers