January 24 – 29, 2014 – Stress Less, Laugh More Week at Langston Hughes MS

school advertJanuary 24 – 29, 2014 – Stress Less, Laugh More at Langston Hughes Middle School.  

school advert

SLLM week

JAF supplied 1,200 Laugh More buttons, 300 friendship bracelets, 300 motivational/character pencils and resources.


Friday: “Laugh More” – What Makes You Laugh?

what makes u laugh

Monday: “Safety Nets/Resiliency” – Who is Your Go-To Person?

go to person

Tuesday: “Reducing Stress” – How Do You Cope With Stress?


how do u deal with stress

Wednesday: “Day of Affirmations” and Spirit Day – What is Great About You?

what makes u laugh 2


what makes u laugh

After a successful Stress Less, Laugh More program, we received this note from the school social worker:

Thank you so much for supporting our school this year.  I am so appreciative of the Josh Anderson Foundation.  It was so wonderful to be able to address the importance of healthy coping skills and mental health issues with our students.  Getting our staff and students educated and talking about mental health is a huge benefit for everyone in our community.  Thank you for all that you do.