December 2-6, 2013: Mental Wellness Week at Centreville HS & Jordan Burnham Speaks at Both Centreville and Chantilly High Schools

December 2 – 6, 2013 – Centreville High School’s Mental Wellness Week

centreville wellness week


Mellow Monday:

  • Students watched a “Healthy Living Tips” video
  • Water bottles were distributed before school with “Stress Less Smile More” stickers emphasizing the importance of staying hydrated
  • Mellow music played during lunch to provide a calm, stress-less atmosphere
  • Kids wore pajamas to school to highlight the importance of good sleep habits

mellow monday

Tense-less Tuesday:

  •  Students wrote coping skills on cut-out snowflakes
  • Stress balls distributed

Worry Free Wednesday

  • Jordan Burnham – guest speaker
  • Fun music during lunch
  • Resources available for students

JB at centreville


The week was organized by the peer mediation class – shown here with Jordan

jb and peer mediation class

Thoughtful Thursday

  • Lunch trays with thoughtful messages
  • Thoughtful music during lunch

Fitness Friday

  • Morning Announcement/Video – outlining importance of fitness to stay healthy
  • Wear school-appropriate “fitness attire”
  • Lunch Limbo – with fun music and fruit snacks as prizes

December 5, 2013 – Jordan Burnham speaks to Chantilly HS Students

JB at chantilly HS

Students gather round to speak to Jordan afterwards

JB with chantilly kids

Tweets From Students

S/O to @jfburnham for speaking at Centreville this morning! You are so inspiring and proved to me that there is hope for everyone!

@jfburnham ur presentation today at Centreville HighSchool touched my heart and it really changes my perspective on how I look at things

That speech by @jfburnham just told the story of my life. Thank you Jordan for the presentation. if anyone feels depressed please speak up

Shoutout to @jfburnham for becoming my new inspiration and my new hero

@jfburnham you and you’re story are an inspiration to me. I definitely see and think things in a different perspective now!

@jfburnham people like you make it easier to talk about depression out loud and thats a hard thing to do. Thanks so much for talking to us

@jfburnham you truly helped me today! I have been depressed lately and hearing ur story really touched my heart