April 29 – May 3, 2013: Stress Less, Laugh More at McLean High School

McLean High School’s 2nd annual Stress Less, Laugh More campaign was another success!  JAF was pleased to support the campaign by providing Laugh More buttons, stress management/benefits of laughter postcards, resource materials, spray paint, candy and free laughter yoga

Activities during the week include the following:

Monday – Nutrition Day

  • food facts
  • healthy snacks after school

Tuesday – Active Bodies/Active Minds Day

Wednesday – Wind Down Wednesday

  • sandboxes with buried notes – compliments, relaxation tips

Thursday – Continue the Kindness Day

  • compliments to self and others

Friday – Laugh More Day

  • 4 laughter yoga sessions
  • bubble wrap
  • music playing in the hallways during class change times

 Laugh Yoga Session