April 15-19, 2013: Mental Health Awareness Week At Lake Braddock HS/MS

“47 LB students attempted suicide last year.”  This heart-dropping sentence begins the article, Mental Health Awareness deserves more than a week, in Lake Braddock High School’s paper, written by editor-in-chief, Divya Williams.  This is one of the most head-on, straight-forward articles that we have seen printed in a school paper thus far.  Other sobering stats are given: 26.3% have experienced depression and 245 students seriously considered suicide. The article advocates for a change in the way mental health is viewed and admonishes students to do their bit to reduce the stigma.  We could not agree more. JAF was pleased to sponsor Jordan Burnham’s visit where he was able to speak to parents in the evening and to the students of both schools the next morning.

Jordan speaks to high schools students in the gym

Lake braddock gym



 High school students hung around to speak to him…



…as well as middle school students

talk to middle school