4th Annual Running to Remember Josh!

The DC Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon on Saturday, March 16th was the venue for the Fourth Annual Running to Remember Josh.  Over 30 runners and supporters came from all over the country: Washington DC, Colorado, New York City, NY; Boston, MA and Atlanta/Athens, GA.  Thanks to the generosity of over 400 donors, almost $28,000 was raised!  (See post on Josh’s blog for more and video of last year’s event).

We hope that many others will join us next year!

The weekend started with a pasta dinner at our home


Morning of the race – we left at 5:40am so it was early!


Going to the race on the metro…along with thousands of others




In the corrals on Constitution Avenue – right in the heart of our nation’s capital



Runners going up a hill at mile 6 – very close to the National Zoo

 2013-03-16 09.34.28

All the runners – job well done!


Tailgate afterwards


More pictures from the run: