May 2 – 9, 2012 – South Lakes HS Mental Wellness Week

Students, counseling staff and administration collaborated on and implemented an entire week of programs to educate students on mental health issues.  Each day had a theme and targeted activities.

Monday: “Welcome to Mental Wellness Week” –  Students wrote something that they liked about themselves/what they would not change on a sticky note and posted on the cafeteria walls.

Tuesday:  “How to Get Help” – Active Minds speaker Jordan Burnham shares his story.  Acknowledge, Care, Tell (ACT), Signs of Suicide and CrisisLink cards handed out at lunch.

Wednesday: “Laugh More” – buttons available for all students/faculty.  Students to write out jokes with the best ones read out at lunch.  Yoga class for faculty.

Thursday:  “Coping With Stress” – Students to put a sticky on where they fall on the stress curve. Safe Community Coalition “Ten Minute Stress Reducer” bookmarks handed out.  Yoga for students.

Friday: “Positive Living” – Students to write on a sticky note about what they learned/will change to enhance positive living going forward.  Wellness Wheel.

 The JAF was pleased to fund Laugh More buttons, provide free yoga instruction for both staff and students and fund Jordan Burnham’s visit.

New articles:

May 2, 2012 –  “Helping Students Deal with Stress by Alex McVeigh in The Connection.

May 9, 2012 – Josh Anderson Foundation sponsors speaker during Mental Wellness Week” by Grace Erard in the South Lakes Sentinel (school paper).

Speaker Jordan Burnham shares his story with the students