2012 Spring Initiatives

Here is a list of the initiatives we are funding this spring:

Stress Less, Laugh More Campaign 

High school is a very stressful time in an adolescent’s life and for many kids, stress can be counter-productive and even debilitating.

Active Minds has partnered with the Josh Anderson Foundation (JAF) to modify one of their most successful college campaigns, National Stress Out Day, to the high school audience.  We have met with community and student leaders, PTSA presidents and counselors/psychologist from five schools:  Langley HS, McLean HS, South Lakes HS, Thomas Jefferson High School of Science and Technology (TJ), and West Springfield HS who see the need for education on the effects of stress and  effective stress-reducing skills.  These five schools will run some form of the campaign at the end of April or the beginning of May, right before AP exams.

The beauty of this program is that it will be facilitated by students (with faculty oversight) and so can address the specific needs of each school.  There are several goals: 1)  to educate high school kids on ways to relieve stress in a fun, non-stressful way; 2)  provide educational materials on the higher spectrum of stress which can lead to anxiety disorders and 3) to highlight the existence of qualified adults such as the school psychologist and social worker so students are aware of the resources available to them, if needed.

To see the benefits of laughter, click here.

Jordan Burnham to speak at South Lakes HS

The JAF will provide the funds so that popular Active Mind’s speaker, Jordan Burnham will be able to address 500+ students at South Lakes HS as part of their Mental Wellness Week.  Jordon will share about his struggle with depression and his suicide attempt as a teenager.  His story has impacted thousands of young people around the country and he has been featured in local and national print and broadcasted news, including Sports Illustrated, USA Today, CNN and Dr. Phil.

Send Silence Packing Display in Fairfax County

This award winning display, likened to the AIDS quilt, showcases 1,100 backpacks which represent the number of  college students who die by suicide each year.   We, like many others, have provided a photo and story of our loved one.

Send Silence Packing (SSP) has been displayed at many campuses around the country, impacting thousands of college students. We are excited to announce that the JAF has provided the funds for SSP to come to Fairfax Corner on May 12th.  We hope that many teenagers and their families will be impacted by this powerful and sobering display.