Keeping the Josh Anderson Foundation ACTIVE

The Josh Anderson Foundation is excited to announce its partnership with Active Minds, Inc., an organization dedicated to championing the mental health and wellness of students and young adults. Focused on promoting youth mental wellness, the Josh Anderson Foundation supports organizations doing great work for our youth in all areas of mental health.

Active Minds empowers the young adult voice for mental health advocacy, supporting a rapidly growing network of over 300 student-led chapters on colleges and universities across the nation and Canada. Through national initiatives and campus-wide events, Active Minds is removing the stigma that surrounds mental health issues and creating an open environment for mental health conversation among students and young adults.

The Josh Anderson Foundation, in collaboration with Active Minds, is changing the conversation about mental health in Fairfax County. Over the last year, we have focused our energies in three categories:

  • Connecting with community officials and groups on the need for mental health awareness and education in our school systems.
  • Supporting Active Minds national programs, including the National Mental Health on Campus Conference and Send Silence Packing.
  • Sharing Josh’s story and encouraging others to share their stories, in order to decrease the stigma surrounding mental illness and suicide.

At the Josh Anderson Foundation, we understand first-hand that mental health and mental health issues impact us all—whether directly or indirectly as a family member or friend. Speaking out about these personal experiences saves lives by helping those struggling to know they are not alone. The Josh Anderson Foundation is energized for 2012 and furthering our partnership with Active Minds.