• Bring awareness to students that there is a stigma behind discussing mental wellness
  • Recognize the power of positive vs negative words when discussing mental health
  • To be able to identify positive ways to describe mental health

Leader should explain that one way to reduce stigma is to think about the language that we use when discussing a mental illness.


In groups of 3-4, students should design a wordle either using the online site (http:/ www.wordle.net/) or on paper. Have each group member take a minute to come up with positive words to describe the other members in their group and themselves. The group will then use these words to create their wordle. Instruct the students to consider using some of the positive words that others came up with from the “words hurt” activity (if completed) and the “foam ball” activity.

Leader may need to remind students how wordle functions (i.e. the more times a word is typed in the word box typed, the larger that word will appear in the wordle).

Five to ten minutes before the end of the meeting, the leader should ask students to share their wordles.

Leader club members may or may not decide to have students display their wordles throughout the school if appropriate.