• To build connection among team members
  • To build awareness about healthy sleep habits

  • Prior to the start of the meeting (or before you start the activity), cut each of the sleep habit clues into individual strips. Fold the strips in half and place in a bowl, hat, or container.
  • Break into even groups (3-4 people each) and have the groups come up with a team name.
  • In each group, take turns having one member pull out one of the healthy sleep habits and draw the clue (without talking) for the rest of his or her group members to guess OR have the person who selected the clue act it out.
  • Spend one minute letting the group guess (use timer on cellphone to keep track). If a group does not guess correctly, the group member drawing/acting should reveal the clue. The goal is to guess the concept of the clue, so it is okay if the guess does not match the exact wording on the paper.

Discuss or share what healthy sleep habit you will try this week with group or partner