• Students brainstorm coping skills to share with the rest of the school community
  • Students raise school morale and spread coping strategies through lollipops

Prior to the club meeting, club leaders should type and print out slips of paper each with the slogan “Take a bite out of stress.

Try [insert positive coping skill—switch up skills]”

(or a slogan of their choosing).

At the club meeting, have the club members cut out the slips and tape them onto lollipops. Set up a table during lunch/before school/after school with lollipops and a banner advertising our minds matter.

Encourage students to include any other coping skills materials to pass out along with the lollipops. These materials could be materials created from prior coping skill activities (i.e. pamphlet, poster, coping cards, etc…).

Determine an action plan for executing the school-wide activity.