• To build connection among team members
  • To problem solve with their peers to achieve a shared goal

Obstacle Relay Race (Estimated Time: 10 minutes) Leader preparation for relay race:

Separate desks in the room so that there is space in the middle

Mark and label a Point A, a Point B, a Point C, Point D and Point E (using masking tape) of equal distance prior to the club starting. Depending on the classroom, a quality equal distance could be from 3-4 feet in between Points.


Before beginning the obstacle race, ask students the following question: “Do you think that exercise can be fun to incorporate into your daily lives?” Have students respond with a thumbs up for “yes” and a thumbs down for “no” Have the leader break everyone up into groups of 6 people. Each student is going to participate in one leg of a relay race.


If a student is not comfortable or unable to participate, he or she can serve as the team’s coach (help them execute the exercises with efficiency and form) or cheerleader (encourage teammates during the race).

1st leg (Point A to Point B): A pair of students to walk wheelbarrow style from point A to point B.

2nd leg (Point B to Point C): One student will do a crab walk.

3rd leg (Point C to Point D): Two students to do a three legged race from point C to point D.

4th leg (Point D to Point E): The final leg one student will do frog jumps from point D to point E.

The first team to complete it wins.

Once everyone finishes ask the following discussion questions:

  • Were you aware during this activity that you were exercising, or were you more focused on the competition?
  • How does it feel to have exercised just now?
  • How can exercise help your mental health?