• Students design custom laptop stickers to help fight mental health stigma
  • Students spread word of mental health awareness and stigma

This month’s activity is to create custom laptop stickers to help fight mental health stigma! If students have laptops, they are more than welcome to design their sticker online. If not, invite students to use materials available to design their own logo to fight mental health stigma.

At the end of the class, students will vote on their favorite logo design. The logo design can then be submitted to a website for creation, and distributed/sold across the school!

Directions to print laptop sticker logo:

  • JAF will provide 100 stickers free of charge to the club.
  • The company that will produce the stickers is called Stickermule. Student leader should upload the design to a file that can be sent to the Executive Director of JAF, Lauren Anderson. Her email address is [email protected] She will arrange for the stickers to be made and sent to your club!
  • If the club would like to purchase additional stickers, please let Lauren know in your e-mail request.

  • A good sticker length could be 4 inches by 4 inches, but any size students want to design that fits on a laptop works
  • Students should create stickers that are related to fighting mental health stigma and inspiring hope in students
  • Students should feel free to incorporate words such as “stigma,” “mental health,” “hope,” “help,” etc.
  • Students are welcome to incorporate the JAF or OMM logo into the sticker as a base template