• Students bainstorm coping skills to share with the rest of the school community
  • Students raise school morale and spread coping strategies through lollipops

Hand out lollipops for students to enjoy while they are doing this activity.

Arrange students in groups of 3-4.

Instruct students to brainstorm coping skills they use when they are stressed or having a “bad” day. These coping skills could be anything from counting to ten before getting mad or taking a nap during the school week.

Reconvene as a group and make a complete list of all the generated coping skills

Students will spend the rest of the club time writing down the coping skills that they came up with on the pieces of tape. Write one coping skill per peice of tape.

They will then tape the coping skills to the back of lollipops or attach the tape as a “flag” on the lollipop handle.

Students pick a day during the week to hand out the lollipops to the rest of the student body before school starts.