• To identify coping skills to use when stressed
  • To practice a couple coping skills
  • To learn the impact that various genres of music have on their mood

Brainstorming 5 min

Each student should generate a list of coping strategies (ways they manage stress) that they currently use. List the strategies on a whiteboard or large Post-It sheet paper. Once all strategies have been listed ask the following questions:

  • What are your favorite coping strategies? Do you have a go-to strategy or do you use multiple strategies?
  • How often do you use a coping strategy?
  • Are there pros and cons to using a specific strategy? For example, if you use distraction, how do you make sure you are not avoiding your problem/stress or making your problem worse?

Visual Prompt Journaling 5-10 min

Project the Visual Prompt Writing Journal slide on the screen.  Leader should tell students to read the prompts and pick one to write about.  Students will then have about 5 minutes to write about anything they’d like related to that prompt.  They will NOT be asked to share, so write freely. The leader may decide to play music during this time period if they’d like.  At the end of the time the leader may ask the following processing questions:


  1. What was this particular coping strategy like for you?
  2. Did writing help you relax, or express how you were feeling? What could writing or journaling be useful for?
  3. Did you enjoy this activity, or think you would incorporate it into your life?

“Whistle while you work” 10-15 min

Activity Set Up:  Leader should have songs prepped before the beginning of this activity so they can change them without disruption.

Before starting the activity, have the students pause for a minute, and instruct them to notie how they feel. Then, have them start the activity.

  • Processing Questions:
    • Did you notice your artistic expression change with the different styles of music? What about your mood? Did it change with the music as well?
    • Think about your mood prior to starting the activity and think of your mood now. Did your mood change?
    • Was there a style of music that had a positive impact on your mood? Was there a style that provided you more motivation or focus?
    • Was there a style of music that had a negative impact on your mood? For example, did a certain song make you feel more alone or angry?