Building Character

Challenge:  Select one of the following attributes to build better character: Integrity, Honesty, Loyalty, Respect, Courage, Humility, Authenticity

Note: Character is the combination of traits and qualities only you have. Good character is essential to healthy self-esteem, relationships, and life satisfaction

Helping others to help yourself

Challenge: Open up to strangers or peers you are not already friends with

As young kids we were taught to be wary of strangers, now that we are grown we are more able to decide if a stranger poses a threat to us or not. Whether we realize it or not, ignoring strangers does not make them go away, together we are all each a part of a whole. And what we think, say, and do affects those around us.

There are ways we can correct this false reality that exists around us and be more mindful of our fellow human beings. This will give us the greatest sense of community connections.

Help strangers allow us to:

  • Forget about our problems while working on helping someone mend theirs’.
  • Taking time out of our day to help a stranger, for no reason at all, satisfies our need to feel useful and accomplished.
  • This sense of well being will refresh our mindset and help us look for solutions to our own problems from a fresh perspective.
  • Helping others will open our minds to receiving help for ourselves.

Character is built by striving to be kind, not famous. ~Brendon Burchard