• To engage in brainstorming random acts of kindness
  • To participate in a random act of kindness
  • To understand the impact a small act can have

Unsung Hero Video 5 min

Processing Questions

  • What did you think of this man’s random acts?
  • Do you think small acts can make a big impact like this video shows?
  • What are things that we do every day that may brighten someone’s day?
    • i.e. smiling at someone in the halls, holding the door open for someone, helping someone carry their loads

purposeful acts of kindness 15 min

Have students read the following articles from the Acts of Kindness foundation:


Processing questions:

  1. Does this list inspire you to perform more acts of kindness?
  2. Have you had any experiences where someone else’s kindness helped relieve your stress?
  3. Have you had any experiences where being kind to others helped relieve your stress?

Ask the students the following questions and have them write down the name of their answer on the paper.

  1. Name someone who you have lost touch with who you used to be close to
  2. Name someone that you see (nearly) every day who makes your life brighter
  3. Name someone in your everyday life that you don’t know that well but wish you did

Encourage the students to pick a person or persons based on their answers above. Once they have chosen an individual(s), develop a purposeful kindness plan. The purposeful kindness plan can be compiled as follows:

  1. Who- who are you being kind to?
  2. What- what act of kindness will you perform?
  • Encourage critical thinking here; what would this person appreciate
  • It could be:
    • A thoughtful text message or sought out conversation to see how that person is doing
    • Help with chores at home if it is a parent
    • Getting someone a small gift
  1. Where- Where will you deliver this kind act?
  2. When- When will you deliver this kind act?

Encourage students to complete their plan over the course of the next week. Let students know that they will have an opportunity to share how completing their act of kindness went at the next meeting.

Operation Beautiful 15 min

  1. Pull up the Operation Beautiful website and look at the example pictures of post it notes posted around different places.
  2. The goal for the day is to write appropriate encouraging messages to post around the building.
  3. Divide the post-it note packs up and take about 5 minutes to write out encouraging messages on each note.
  4. Take about 10 minutes to walk around school and post them in random places.
  5. Take pictures on your phones to send to Operation Beautiful!

processing questions

  • Think of how you entered the club today. How were you feeling? Do you feel differently now?
  • What benefit can you gain from being the recipient or giver of kindness?

Write a simple encouraging statement or message of kindness or compassion on your hand, i.e. “You matter. You’re beautiful. Good things are happening around you. You rock.”