• To describe what compassion is
  • To demonstrate how to show compassion in their school community

Kid President Video 5-7 min

Processing Questions

  • Do you think that one person can have as big of an impact as the Kid President suggest?
  • How do you think his message relates to our community here?
  • Why is it important to think about making the world a better place and looking at the good in the world?

Josh Opens Doors 10-15 min

After watching the video, discuss a few of the questions below, either in small groups or as a class. Project the Josh Opening Doors Questions slide using a document camera or projector. The questions on the slide are:

  1. Did watching the video prompt any questions for you?
    Josh was kind of vulnerable, wasn’t he? What is your reaction to him and his situation?
  2. What do you think of Josh’s decision to open doors? Could you see yourself doing something like this? Why or why not?
  3. Josh’s mom suggests ‘fighting back with kindness’ in tough situations. Do you think that can work? Why or why not?
  4. Josh says that opening doors was a simple act that changed his life. What are some simple acts of kindness that we can do around school to make it a more positive place?
  5. What simple acts of kindness can you do for yourself?

Beautify Your School Grounds 15-20 min

Brainstorm beautification ideas for your school. After brainstorming ideas, choose one or more idea that can be done today and disperse to complete the chosen idea(s). Determine a time to be back in the room for to share out thoughts and activities, and complete the Kindness Minute.

Some suggestions include:

  • Cover graffiti in bathrooms
  • Pick-up trash around school
  • Volunteer to help a custodian
  • Paint the school rock/wall with a positive message (with permission)
  • Help set-up a classroom or cafeteria
  • File papers/organize in the main office (with permission)
  • Create a welcoming banner for the main office

May also use following resources for ideas or to post around school to encourage others:

Give as many high-fives as possible in 10 seconds