• To take the perspective of someone with a mental illness to increase awareness and promote tolerance
  • To develop helpful responses to hurtful statements that others make to individuals with mental illnesses
  • To create own “shoes” and poems that highlight each person’s uniqueness. The “shoes” move beyond singular labels or stereotypes, which can stifle tolerance

Just Because…Poems 5-10 min

Processing Questions

  • How do these poems help promote respect?
  • Why is it important to remember to look past stereotypes?

Walk In Our Shoes 15-20 min

Processing Questions

  • How did it feel to hear your assigned character’s senario?
  • Did it change your perspective on mental illness?
  • How can you be more aware of your words? Why is it important to be aware?
  • What was the most eye opening part of these scenarios for you?


Create your “shoe” 5-7 min

  • Visit the following website: http://walkinourshoes.org/shoe and click “Get Started”
  • Choose your own shoes and three traits that describe you.
  • You can share your personal shoe on the website’s gallery, or print them off and post them in the school!

**Should computers not be available to the students, have students complete the activity on their cell phone or make their own shoe on paper.


Additional Resource