• Students will create + destroy a symbolic “wall” of intolerance
  • Students will raise awareness of intolerance via public art piece

Have student club leader(s) cut the red construction paper into several identical rectangles, resembling “bricks”.

Identify an area of Wall Space to create the Wall of Intolerance – likely a public space where many students pass by (in the cafeteria, main hallway, etc.)

During lunch (or other free time), encourage students to write down an act or description of intolerance on the blank bricks (red rectangles) and paste them onto the wall. An example of an act of intolerance would be “bullying” or “discriminating”. Students may also put categorical items such as “sexism” or “racism”.

The club, possibly in consultation with school administration, should identify a time to “break down the wall of intolerance.” This may be a week later during lunch or other free time. Students may also choose to break down the wall of intolerance during the following club meeting and create a time-lapse video to be shared with the student body through social media or school announcements.

When breaking down the wall of intolerance, the student leader may read off some of the acts of intolerance the students have come up with, and one by one the students (from the student body or club) may tear down the wall symbolizing the end of the intolerable acts.