• Get the student body motivated to move/exercise
  • Provide school-wide bulletin board to illustrate importance of healthy habits
  • Engage school population in interactive board message/forum

Students will design a bulletin board (or posters) to advertise healthy habits! Have students break into groups of 4-5. Instruct students to create a bulletin board advertising the benefits of healthy physical habits. A potential components to include in the bulletin board include:

  • An interactive/open forum for students to respond to a statement such as, “When I exercise/eat well/sleep well, I get/I am…
  • The bulletin board would include a Sharpie or pen, thumbtacks, and Post-It notes or Die-Cut shapes, action figures, or healthy foods for students to use in posting their responses.

Students may consider collaborating with either the school clinic, or P.E. teachers for space on a bulletin board.