• Have students exercise compassion in a school-wide setting
  • Grow the kind and compassionate spirit of school morale

Introduce Ben’s Bells activity by showing this video


Ben’s Bells is an excellent activity that can remind us of the value of kindness. Divide the club into 10 groups. Instruct each group to make their school’s version of Ben’s Bells, using the basic instructions found here.

Each group may personalize their painting of the pot and beads on the chime. Allow them 20-30 minutes to complete their chime.

After students construct their bells, allow them to craft a message of kindness they can attach to the bell. Students are encouraged to personalize their own message, possibly with an uplifting or encouraging quote. Students should also consider adding instructions to their note asking the finder of the bell to pass it on.


After creating their own bells, encourage students to think of a spot in the school or on campus they would like to put the bell for someone to discover. Allow groups five minutes to think of where they would like to put the bells. Decide who in the group will place the bell in the chosen spot upon leaving the club.