• Students are to find a teacher or authority figure (counselor, principal) and record them telling their story or stories of overcoming adversity
  • Students learn to humanize failure through hearing about it from a successful school leader
  • Students organize a video to spread through the school of the school figure‚Äôs story
  • Students learn it is okay to fail

Instruct students that they will be filming a school figure or senior student about his or her story of failure or overcoming adversity. Break students into groups of two or three and answer these questions for five minutes:

  1. What school figure inspires you or has your respect? What school figure would you want to interview?
  2. Do you think this person has ever failed?
  3. What, in particular, would you like to know about this person?

After students have brainstormed, allow each group to share out who they want to interview. Allow the class to take a vote on who they select.

Once the school figure is selected, allow students 5-10 minutes to draft interview questions.

Possible interview questions include:

  • What have been some of your life obstacles?
  • What is the hardest thing you ever had to go through?
  • What are some of the rejections you have faced in your life?
  • When have you failed in life?
  • How have you coped with failure when it happened?
  • Did you learn anything from the episode?

Time permitting, have students track down the location of the person they wish to interview. They may interview them then or schedule the interview for a later date.

Allow 15-20 minutes to interview the person.

After the interview, allow students to break into teams based on their preferred mode of sharing the interview with the school (i.e. video shared through social media, article, blog, podcast).**

Allow each team time to decide how they want to structure the interview content and distribute it to the rest of the school in their particular mode. For example:

  • Allow the video team time to decide how long the video should be, what edits should be made, etc.
  • Allow the article team time to decide how to include interview content in article, structure article, etc.
  • Allow the blog team time to decide what blog they want to set up, how to set it up, etc.

After teams have completed their tasks, allow them to pursue sharing the interview in their chosen mode(s).

** Based on student interest, the club may choose to share the interview in only one form.