Mission of Josh Anderson Foundation

To provide adolescents with mental health education, resources and support so they never turn to suicide.

Josh Anderson dies by suicide at the age of 17.

Josh Anderson Foundation is incorporated in the state of Virginia as a non-profit organization.

2011 – 2016
JAF reaches close to 50 schools and impacts over 80,000 students, primarily in Fairfax County, Virginia, with mental health initiatives.

Fall 2016
JAF launches our minds matter, a student-led movement to change the school culture around mental health.

July 2018

JAF was awarded funding through the Consolidated Community Funding Pool of the County of Fairfax, Virginia that significantly impacts its ability to demonstrate proof of concept through the hiring of a full-time Program Manager and contracting of evaluation support.

To learn more about Josh Anderson Foundation, visit joshandersonfoundation.org